Community Education
Making our community a safer place for domestic violence survivors and  eradicating domestic violence in future generations is our mission, which is served directly through education.

Services include:

* General Education to
  small or large groups of
  any kind available on

* Teen Dating Violence
  Prevention education
  available to teen/youth

To learn more about bringing Safe Journey's education programs to your group, contact us.
Breaking the cycle of domestic violence one person at a time
Survivor Transition
At Safe Journey, we strive to help every woman who has lived through domestic violence make the transition from merely surviving to thriving. Our services emphasize "moving forward" and creating a life that is stable, peaceful and joyful.

    Safe Journey Brochure

Promoting safety, educating victims about abuse and supporting healing from domestic violence, the survivor transition program is available to women at any stage of their personal journey -- whether still in the relationship and investigating options, immediately after leaving the abuser, or after being out of the relationship for a while and realizing how their life is still negatively impacted by the experience.

Services include:

* Safety Planning
* Individual Counseling, 
  (limited-time basis)
* 8-week Support Group
* Lifeskills Training
* Financial Counseling
* Limited Case Management
* Mentoring
* Referrals

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 585-425-1580.

Safe Journey does not provide crisis intervention and we do not offer shelter. If you are in crisis or in need of emergency shelter please call 211 or contact Alternatives for Battered Women.

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Call: 585-425-1580